Questions to Ask Before Booking a Rental Limo Service for Wedding

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Rental Limo Service for Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. You can make it more special and remarkable with rental Limousine for the wedding. And as fascinating as it sounds, it does level up your whole experience of the day. But to ensure a smoother ride, let’s explore a few aspects that you should clear with your service provider.

List of Queries You Should Clear Before Renting Limo:

Terms of the agreement:

The booking terms, terms of use, and agreement are one of the major concerns in rental Limousine for wedding. You must understand the payment and cancellation terms beforehand. Also, understand the extra charges applicable, taxes to be included, gratuity, etc. All this should be asked and discussed before making any prior payment to the service provider.

Backup Options if the Vehicle Breaks Down:

Such situations of vehicle failure can happen anytime to anyone. But to save the day you must ensure a backup. This thing can be mentioned in the agreement terms, and you can choose your backup by exploring their vehicle fleet.

Chauffeurs Training & Background Check:

Safety & security comes before anything else. Before getting to terms, discuss this openly with your wedding rental limo service provider. Like are the Chauffeurs professionally trained? Also, the process and steps involved in hiring them. This will make your ride smoother with professional Limo Chauffeurs. As they understand the setting and arrangement and can help you out of a jam if you are in any.

Vehicle insurance:

An insured vehicle can save you a lot of trouble. As tragic as it is, accidents happen. And to cover the losses, you can ensure the vehicle and the people in it have some sort of medical and life insurance to cover the unexpected losses. This will not only escalate the process in case of an emergency but also cover the expenditure of injury.

GPS & Vehicle Tracking:

Being on the right route will make your journey more convenient and peaceful. Ensure your chauffeur will have access to your destination. Also, the vehicle is tracked on a real-time basis, to support the on-time pickup and drop off.

Maximum capacity for Each Vehicle:

Learn about total vehicle capacity and match it with your guest numbers. This will be you a lot of trouble, any sort of embarrassment, and pay extra money from your pocket to add a last-minute vehicle to your fleet.

Complimentary beverages/food:

Go through the list of complimentary services included in their package. A wedding limo is not just a ride but a celebration on your biggest day. It should be perfect with food, beverages, and everything else required.

Pick-up & Drop Timing:

Align your pick-up and drop-offs with your program timing. Also, how much time you can keep the vehicle apart from just reaching the location? This will help you to be right on schedule and save you from additional charges that may apply.

Vehicle Fleet:

Go through their vehicle fleet and distinguished offerings for rental Limousine. This way you can know your options and choose the most compatible one per your guest list.


Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. To make your big day more special you can opt for rental Limousine for wedding. This way you can reach your destination in comfort and style. But before finalizing that one service provider don’t forget to ask a few mentioned questions. This will not only ensure your ride safety and comfort but also save you from a ton of trouble. To hire a professional limo service for your wedding you can visit us at https://starlimousines.ca/ or drop your query with our team of custom offers.